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a while ago I posted on Instagram that I was looking for vanity makeup table ideas to use for my vanity table. I found very nice inspiration photos on many blogs, I also came across the blog of HudaBeauty. Hudabeauty has a very nice large room with a classic make-up vanity mirror. I wanted an equally large beautiful mirror with lights around it. But as you might know, these vanity tables are very hard to find and are also very expensive. It took a while but finally, my vanity layout corner is ready. My husband custom made this especially for me. I am really happy with it and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Vanity table items

I got the pink mug with hearts on it from my husband as a present. Even though this mug was meant for hot chocolate milk it could not withstand hot milk and small cracks appeared. But because I didn’t want to throw it away, I used it on my table for my make-up brushes. My husband got this mug from V&D.

I came across the mirror drawer unit in the summer when I was on holiday in Gran Canaria, in the Zara Home. I thought it was super beautiful! On the drawer unit are a few of my lipsticks that I think have a nice casing. Furthermore, there are lip liners and some of my favorite lipsticks.

Furthermore, on my make-up table is a vase from the H&M with 2 pink roses from the Tuinland.

I keep my cotton wool in the baroque-like glass jar with steel. This way it does not look messy and it is dustproof. This jar is also from Zara Home. Yet again a product from Zara Home is the gold tray, I found this tray really matching with the products that I use every day. I absolutely love Zara Home. They have so many nice house goodies!

How does your perfect vanity mirror look like? Share in the comments down below!


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