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We are very active on Instagram and also very adventurous. So when we saw the abandoned airplane on Instagram a lot, we thought we just had to see the abandoned airplane in Uluwatu for ourselves.

We stay in Seminyak so from here it is not very far to Uluwatu. It’s just a little over an hour from where we stay. We drove to Uluwatu with the scooter. A scooter is the easiest form of transportation in Bali. Not only can you win a lot of time with the scooter compared to the car, but it is also way cheaper. These are the main reasons we do everything with scooters.


The abandoned 737 Boeing airplane is located in the Bukit Peninsula in the south region of Bali not far from Uluwatu. Of course like everything in Bali it’s best to visit it early in the morning due to lots of traffic and tourists. The best timing is around 9 am and not later than 10/11 am. To find the airplane you can either search on the internet or in the native maps app on your mobile. The search term is Boeing 737-200 PK RII.

The abandoned airplane and the history of it are little known. The locals say that the plane came here in pieces and was assembled on spot. Others say that it was moved here in his entirely. But no one ever really saw it. Some speculate that it was supposed to be a restaurant for tourists, but the owner ran out of money. As I said nobody really knows the real story behind this Boeing 737.


The abandoned airplane is not visible from the road. When you use a navigation app it will lead you to a place with containers. These containers are an indication that you are on the right spot because behind these containers is where the plane is located. When you arrive you should park near the containers. To see the airplane you must go past the containers where you see a little trail up the hill. Follow this trail up and you will eventually see the airplane on the left. We didn’t pay any entrance fee and some say that it is always free to enter. Others though say that you do have to pay a small fee, as the plane is on private property. So if you choose to go here keep this in mind. Because the abandoned plane is on private property you can’t see it up close. It is fenced all around. You can only enjoy the view from up top. What of course can be a great Instagram shot.