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Red Nail Polish Review: Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Anny & Dior

Classic red nail polish cannot be missed in your nail polish collection! The beautiful red color goes well with almost any skin tone and can be worn on any occasion. Today I will review four different brands of different price ranges from my collection.

  • Rimmel London in the color Red Obsession 330. (price: € 7.95)
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in the color Diamonds and Rubies 360. (price: € 9.95)
  • Anny in the color Only Red 085. (price: € 9.95)
  • Christian Dior varnish in the color Red Royalty 999. (price: € 24.00)

Rimmel London Nail Polish

Rimmel London nail polish is available at pharmacies. It comes in a fairly standard jar. Rimmel promises that the color will last (up to 10 days), because the paint contains an anti-fade color system. The nail polish has a wide brush, which makes it easy to apply to the nail. The color is close to cherry red. This color is especially suitable for the more wintry days. The lacquer covers in one layer and dries quite quickly.

Rimmel salon PRO 323 RIVIERA RED

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

One of my favorites is Sally Hansen’s nail polish. The nail polish comes in a strikingly elegant jar with a silver cap. The sides of the jar are shaped like a diamond and a small diamond is glued to the front. The label indicates that the lacquer strengthens the nail and prevents breaking, splitting and cracking of the nail. My nails don’t break that often so can’t say much about whether Sally Hansen lives up to this promise. I am satisfied with how long the color stays in place. This nail polish has a narrow brush. The lacquer is quite watery, but still has good coverage. One or two coats give an even and shiny layer on your nails. The color has an orange undertone, which I personally really like. This nail polish dries within a minute.

Sally Hansen diamond strength
Sally Hansen no chip nail color

Anny Nail Polish

Another favorite nail polish is Anny’s nail polish. This is designed in a simple and sleek jar. The brush is thin, so it’s easy to stay within the lines of the nails. Anny is a liquid and fine polish that is easy to distribute over the nail. The nail polish has good coverage, one layer is sufficient. The color stays beautiful for days and this lacquer dries within a minute.

Anny red nail polish
Anny nail polish red color

Dior Nail Polish

The nail polish from Dior Vernis in the color Red Royalty is a beautiful Hollywood classic color red and comes in a nice tight jar. The nail polishes from Dior, as we can expect from this brand, are easy and beautiful to apply to the nail, because they have a great brush! It is also very nice that this nail polish dries quickly. How annoying it is with not quickly drying nail polish that you have neatly painted all your nails and you bump into something while it is not completely dry yet. The nail polish is one of the more expensive nail polishes, but it’s not at the top of my favorites list. The color does not last long, after a day the edges start to peel off

Dior Rouge nail polish Vernis Red Royalty 999

Of the 4 nail polishes, I prefer Sally Hansen and Anny the most. These are not the most expensive nail polishes, but offer everything you expect from a nail polish: good coverage, beautiful shine, and color that stays perfect for days!

What is your favourite nail polish? Please share your thoughts in the comments down below.



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    Leuk geschreven:) Erg handig in ieder geval, ik heb uiteindelijk de Sally Hansen gekocht!



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