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Do you also think that more American brands should be sold in the Netherlands? Gerard Cosmetics (GC) is one of the brands that I would choose, but luckily you can easily order on their website. You do have to pay attention to the quantity you order due to import costs. Many Bloggers and Youtubers from the US are talking about these beautiful nude glosses, which made me very curious and excited to try them too. I am a big gloss hoarder, especially Nude colors. I just can’t get enough of them.


GC has more than 25 different glosses. The lip glosses have a very luxurious casing. A nice gold cap with their logo on it and the rest is translucent so you can see the color of the gloss. Gerard cosmetics even thought of a solution for applying your gloss in the dark. If you unscrew the cap it will shine. I liked this so much and I had never seen this before. There is also a mirror on the side of the gloss.
 GerardCosmetics Buttercup swatch

The glosses don’t feel sticky at all. I always find it very annoying when my hair gets stuck to my lips because of the stickiness! The Gerard Cosmetics Glosses have a lot of pigment, which makes the colors very beautiful.
They last quite a long time for a gloss but I do touch them up after eating or drinking, just like with all other lipsticks and glosses. The GC glosses have a sweet and likable scent for a lip gloss.

I have chosen 3 very beautiful Nude colors that I want to share with you today.



Gerard Cosmetics – Nude

Gerard cosmetics nude swatch

The first swatch is Nude, I think this is the perfect nude color. It also goes perfectly with the Nude lipstick as a lip combo.

Gerard Cosmetics – Shimmer of Hope

Gerard Cosmetics shimmer of hope swatch

The second is Shimmer of Hope, Shimmer of hope is a very light pink color. I find this color a bit too pale to put on without lipstick or lip liner. I find the lipstick nude and rodeo drive from Gerard Cosmetics perfect to put under this gloss.

Gerard Cosmetics – Buttercup

Gerard COsmetics Buttercup  swatch

The third is called Buttercup, this is a more pinkish nude. This one is also super beautiful!
You can apply this gloss without but also with a base. For example, I would add kimchi doll from Gerard Cosmetics to make the color even more beautiful.

erard COsmetics Nude Swatch

gerard cosmetics

The lip glosses cost € 21.05 each and are available at the GC webshop.

Which lip gloss brand is your favorite? Please leave your answer in the comments.


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  • Lisa
    16/04/2015 at 20:20

    Wat een mooie glosjes! Nude is mijn favoriet

  • roos
    17/04/2015 at 18:52

    Echt een super toffe blog! Hele mooie reviews, ik hou van de producten die je deeld! Nude my favorite

  • Noor
    13/12/2015 at 21:15

    hoeveel invoerkosten heb je hierover moeten betalen?

    • Missduran
      20/05/2016 at 17:34

      Hoi Noor,

      Als je zorg dat de waarde van je bestelling onder de 22 euro blijft, hoef je geen invoerkosten te betalen. 🙂


  • Afa
    26/03/2016 at 11:23

    Ik las dat het 2-3 weken duurt voor verzenden, klopt dit ? 🙁 hoelang duurde t bij jou?