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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick | 4 Lente Lipsticks


Yves Saint Laurent is one of my favorite lipstick brands because they have an eye for beautiful packaging and the lipsticks are super creamy. Because they have a creamy formula, it is easy to apply, your lips do not dry out and feel hydrated. I have picked out 4 of my favorite Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks that I will definitely be wearing a lot this Spring.


Rouge Pur Couture

The Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks are beautifully packed in a square, sleek golden jacket. The YSL logo is incorporated in red. They are easy to apply without the need for a lip pencil. This is of course an option to bring out the color even better. I like these lipsticks so much because they don’t accentuate my loose skin. they have a slightly sweet scent, which I personally quite like. I often take this lipstick with me in my bag to apply after eating/drinking because the lipstick fades quite quickly.


#1 Bergamasque 6

The first Rouge Pur Couture lipstick I chose is number 6 Bergamasque. This is a very nice peachy pinkish nude color. After I made the swatch on my hand I was sold. I actually expected that it would turn a little pale on my lips. Luckily it absolutely does not appear pale, as you can see from the picture. When I arrived home, I applied the lipstick and thought it was super beautiful. 


#2 Rose Dahlia 17

The 2nd YSL RPC lipstick is number 17 Rose Dahlia, this is a summer color! it reminds me of sunrise tequila from Gerard Cosmetics. I think this lipstick is super nice for Spring and Summer. It is a coral pink color that will suit all skin tones.


#2 Rose Carnation 11

The 3rd YSL RPC lipstick number 11 Rose Carnation is a light purple lipstick. I also really liked this one for spring. It does have a bit of a metallic finish. But I did not find that disturbing.


#4 Rose Stiletto 9

The 4th YSL RPC lipstick number 9 Rose Stiletto is a somewhat more intense purple lipstick, I thought this lipstick could actually be used for all seasons and that is why I picked it. With this color, I do have to say that the name does not match the color. It is a bit more purplish than pink.




I hope you liked my review and got inspired. What are your favorite springtime lippies? Share in the comments down below.



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